2023 lexus tx hybrid | 7 things you should know?

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this SUV is full packet SUV in terms of features as well as functionality also this electric SUV is an upgraded version of its sibling Lexus RX L, 

Lexus applied for the trademark of its most awaited SUV TX in 2009, now the brand is ready to launch it public soon with a “3-row prototype structure”. 

Now the question raises what is a 3-row prototype ? in Lexus RX L you get a 3-row seat but due 3-row leg room very fewer about 23.5 inches at the rear this is very inconvenient for passengers  

Brand eliminates 3 rows from RX Lineup & only offer 2 -row legroom for RX customers. Important is that those who want 3-row or extra space can go for the Lexus TX which is 7 seaters electric SUV. 

We also get from a media report this LEXUS TX hybrid electric SUV will share a platform with the upcoming Toyota Grand Highlander official reveal by the brand. 

TX uses a powertrain of a 2.4 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine generating 340H of horsepower, & Toyota Grand Highlander 

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