Ola Electric Set To Launch Its Own Lithium-Ion Cell By End Of 2023: Initial Plant Capacity 5GW

ola Electric announced that they are planning to manufacture its own lithium-ion cell plant in India with an initial production plant capacity of 5 GW confirmed CEO Bhavesh Agrawal.

ola electric plan to launch its lithium-ion cell by the end of 2023, important thing is that ola will use its own battery in its electric bike which will be launched in 2023.

For any electric vehicle, the battery is the most essential part to operate it, lithium-ion cell is 50-60 % less lightweight compared to a lead-acid battery

so ola electric is planning to manufacture a li-ion cell in India at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu and CEO confirmed that Ola electric is to set initial plant capacity of 5GW.

If ola manufactures batteries in India, it will reduce the cost of the battery pack by 40-60% as per the estimation.