21,500 gap in ather 450X VS 450X plus

Ather 450X plus -power 5.4kw -Torque 22NM

Ather 450X   -power 6.2kw -Torque 26NM

Ather 450X plus   -2.6kwh lithium ion battery with 5.12V ip67 waterproof .

Ather 450X   -3.2kwh lithium ion battery with 5.12V IP67 .

Both required 5 hours and 40min to get charge from 0-100

Ather 450X  you will 1+ extra drive  mode wrap but in ather 450x plus you noot

Ather 450X plus -It required 3.9 sec to acclerate from 0to 40km

Ather 450X  -It required 3.3 sec to acclerate from 0to 40km

Both are 1p67 waterproof and dust proof

Bothe: CBS and Re-Gen braking system

Ather 450X  both -7 inch qualcomm snapdragon 212 processor and you will get 16gb storage in both variants

Now, ather scooters have available in 45 cities with 55 plus experience centers

ranveet also said that ather has a plan to open 4 new experience center in mega cities Kolkatta, Mumbai, Rajkot, Ranchi

Ather erngy is now available on Flipkart

Ather energy is the leading marketer of two vehicles manufactured in Kerala

s per the last report ather 450x gen 3  has crossed the 50,000th production mark i till September

Ather energy has 34% of the market shares

Ather 450X Gen 3 color there are three colors offered by Ather White, Mint Green, and Space Grey… For more you can check it out website.

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