230km range Microlino Two seaters Electric car

Microlino launches a two-seater electric car powered by an electric motor with 15+ features

Microlino electric car has two LED projector headlamps in Whitebeam with long DRLS

The interesting thing about Microlino is that, it has bigger boot space compared to the ev like Yakuza & PMV

also this electric car comes with a long wiper with washer fluid

this Microlino electric car comes with 145/70 R13 13 inches of tires which are decent in the segment of small EVs.

Microlino electric car, the car comes with many features like soft-close functionality with non-electrical power windows, you have to manually close these windows, but ...

Microlino has a small sunroof.

you see the pioneer badge which is a trim name, this Microlino EV come with three trim option, COMPETIZIONE, urban, and Dolce.

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