300km range Horwin Senmenti 0 e-scooter At Rs. 1 Lakh 

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Horwin unveiled India’s largest Range electric scooter, Senmenti 0 true rival of OLA electric

Highlight of senmenti 0

– Horwin senmenti 0 is the model of Horwin Global – Horwin Europe GMBH is a subsidiary of Horwin Global – It has a 200km/h top speed

 Range: 300 km Battery: 400V battery pack   


Horwin senmenti 0 electric scooters are expected to launch at an Rs. 1 Lakh of price tag 

Price of senmenti 0

Features:  I notice,radar with collision warning at the front and rear, 3 drive modes and Lean-sensitive ABS also traction control 

IMPORTANT: this scooter is a mini tesla that has FSD-like features, includes 30 sensors to monitor objects, humans, and obstacles 

Learn More about senmenti 0 , when it will launch

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