330Km Range, Kabira Mobility KM5000 electric bike

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AL-Abdullah Group, IT Services and IT Consulting company has recently invested $50 Million in Kabira Mobility Indian startup, this is the biggest investment for Kabira Mobility. 

Highlight of KM5000

-330km top range -Mid-drive motor -Lithium -ion battery pack

There are 3 Kabira electric vehicles that are available in the Indian market KM3000, KM4000, and Hermes 75 (e-scooter), the manufacturer recently unveiled its flagship electric bike KM5000 

Features: This bike comes with a split seat, and the rear seat of the bike can be removable so, the rider can mount luggage on the rear seat that makes it easier for a rider, the bike also comes with on-board charge r 

IMPORTANT: this e-bike will offer 330km of range on a single charge & may support a swappable battery pack. this brand uses an 8.1KWH Lithium Ion battery, it required only 2 hours to get charged from 0-80%. 

Learn More about Kabira KM5000, when it will launch

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