3X Dropped Price , Nissan Ariya

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 Nissan Ariya price slash, in china to remain competitive booming china EV market. 

Last week Toyota cut off the price of its 1st electric SUV, bz4x, in china to capture the EV market, and now Nissan also dropped the Ariya EV price. 

Nissan’s Joint venture in china, Dongfeng Nissan is promoting Ariya on the front page of Nissan’s official website. 

When talking about the discount, Nissan open it for a limited time is good for up to 60,000 yuan ($8,700) with a new price range of 224,800 RMB(Apppx $32,800). 

Nissan dropped 3X times more than Toyota bz4x, and Toyota 

Toyota dropped around 20,000RMB which is $4,300USD last week or 15% with a new price range of under $25,000.  

When coming to another side, a Key leader of EV Tesla recently announced that its plans to hike the price of Model Y Long Rnage 

This offer os valid till March 31st

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