4  spy  pics of born electric EV

4  spy  pics of born electric EV

4  spy  pics of born electric EV

4  spy  pics of born electric EV

Castrol India hosted an EV-readiness Training programme to educate top 100 tier car and bike mechanics

After 8 years of gap, the most iconic ambassador will launch in an all-new avatar, MD said Uttam bose the estimated investment for the joint venture with the European company would be ₹600 Crore

RIvian also lay off 6% of its workforce due to cost-cutting issues

Rivian American electric vehicle manufacturer confirm today that its first electric bicycle is under development in-house

2nd BYD Showroom Opened in Calicut, Kerala RUN By EVM Southcoast is located in Kozhikode’s mini bypass road

ABB E-mobility delivers 1 Millionth EV charger, signed an agreement with 4 minority investors

Tata Power has begun a nationwide plan to set up 25,000 EV charging points over the next 5 years, this plan includes 3,600 public or semi-public chargers and 23,500 Home or residential chargers

invest €25Million, Okinawa E2W open First R&D center in Italy

6 EV launch in India by Suzuki by FY2030

Tata Motor Is To Operate 1500 Electric Buses In Delhi, 730 E-Buses Running On Indian Roads