45 vinfast, VF 8 city Edition electric SUV to US users

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Vietnamese electric car maker, Vinfast delivers the first 45 VF 8 city Edition vehicles SUV to California, US on Wednesday 

Highlight of VF 8 city edition ECo and Plus

- In ECO  has 207 miles of range -Plus has 191 miles range -lookalike same

 Range: 333km  features- ADAS, 24/7 roadside assistance   


 Range: 191miles features- ADAS, 24/7 roadside assistance   


last year, in December, VinFast, a subsidiary conglomerate of Vingroup JSC, imported VF8 999 all-electric VF 8 city edition to the US 

Features: ADAS and smart services, also FOTA, this provides customer regular updates mainly designed to increase vehicle performance and functionality 

IMPORTANT: customers who are interested in Vinfast electric SUV can take participate in test-drive program of VF 8 located in California and can discuss prior-to-prior with experts and can place an order.   

Learn More about Vinfast ECO and Plus in detail

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