5 huge discounts on Electric scooters, Black Friday deals are here

5 huge discounts on Electric scooters, Black Friday deals are here: Niu, Apollo, fluid free rider, Voro Motor offering a deep discount on its electric scooter 

5. Niu Electric Scooter

Features of Niu Kqi3 Smart Unlock rider statistics (display trip data, maintained alert) Bluetooth connectivity OTA updates Halo LED headlight 

Niu offers massive discounts on its e-scooter- in KQi2 pro & KQi3 you will get 25% off and in KQi3 MAx & KQi3 sport you will get 20% for more check NIU. 

4. Fluid Freeride Fluid freeride is a Miami-based company that specialized in curation, tested, hand-selected premium electric scooters. 

4. Fluid Freeride INOKIM OXO        $800 NAMI BurnE 2 MAX $1247 NAMI BurnE 2        $947

3. Unagi Electric scooter unagi scooter is an American based two wheeler electric scooter company, unagi is the only brand that offers monthly or yearly subscription plans 

E500 Dual Motor1 – click to fold 12 kg scooter weight 1000 watts max power 32 km/h max speed 125 kg max rider weight 

unagi E500

2. Apollo – huge discount

if you buy a ghost and phantom e-scooter from the Apollo store, the brand will include Air pro 21 for $100 & base model 21 for free so this is a great deal. 

1. Voro motors – For Adult

Voro motors is a premium electric scooter brand that dedicatedly builds e-scooter for an adult on the market. 

Voro motors offer a deep discount on its electric scooter: Emove Cruiser, and Emove Roadrunner.  

to claim 4 year warranty use Voro motor’s Coupon code: 4YEARWARRANTY

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