6% lay off At Rivian: Why?

As many companies lay off the workforce at higher volume

RIvian also lay off 6% of its workforce due to cost-cutting issues

last year that R1T and R1s production started but now Rivian said, it still struggling to bring down its cost.

Rivian American electric vehicle manufacturer confirm today that its first electric bicycle is under development in-house

Rivian thinks that electric bicycles have low regulatory hurdles, which will help Rivian to the captcha EV market at a higher volume to achieve a target

2nd BYD Showroom Opened in Calicut, Kerala RUN By EVM Southcoast is located in Kozhikode’s mini bypass road

ABB E-mobility delivers 1 Millionth EV charger, signed an agreement with 4 minority investors

Tata Power has begun a nationwide plan to set up 25,000 EV charging points over the next 5 years, this plan includes 3,600 public or semi-public chargers and 23,500 Home or residential chargers

invest €25Million, Okinawa E2W open First R&D center in Italy

6 EV launch in India by Suzuki by FY2030

Tata Motor Is To Operate 1500 Electric Buses In Delhi, 730 E-Buses Running On Indian Roads