Xiaomi 4 ultra electric scooter: 

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Xiaomi introduces its 3rd generation architecture  Xiaomi 4 ultra

4 ultras you will get a dual suspension system, which enhances its performance 

people said dual suspension systems increase the height of the chassis, and provide riders with better visibility and stability even taller height people can ride it easily.

Xiaomi 4 ultra comes with 10 inches puncture proof and self-sealing 10-inch Xiaomi DuraGel tubeless Tires 

the brand said these tires minimize the risk of Blowouts and provider better safety to riders. 

Xiaomi 4 ultra has very impressive tech specs, it has 25km/h(~16mph) of top speed 

climbs a slope with inclines of 25% which is 5% more compared to its 4 pro model 

It has a 500W of motor which generate 940W of peak power. 

4 ultra is expected to be under $1,055 USD(£999.99)  

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