75km range Techinnovate Ambler , A250  electric-bicycle At Rs. 49,999

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Gujarat-based Techinnovate mobility Introduce two electric bicycle “A250” and “ambler”

Highlight of Ambler

– Techninovate introduce 2 model Ambler and A250 – both have different architecture – both have 25km/h of top speed with different range

 Range: 75km Speed: 25km/h   


 Range: 45km Speed: 25km/h   


AMbler come at ₹49,999 of price range while A250 come at ₹27,999 


Features:  I notice, disc braking system with alloy wheels and more...

IMPORTANT: Brand offering customer extended battery warranty 2-year service this service give a customer to confident in the durability and longevity  

Learn More about Ambler and A250  , when it will launch

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