Moke America Electric Car “Moke” Will Bring Revolution To Europe-Complete review  in this story with actual parameters

the moke he also designed several military vehicles at the time of World War 2 but its First prototype failed due to its moke having low ground clearance .


“eMoke” is an environmental-friendly, carbon-free electric car. and The upgraded version is bigger, wider, powerful, and stronger compared to its previous one.


Emke has a weight of 2,300 pounds which is around 10432.262 kg which is heavier compared to its precedent, the company also upgraded its 13inch of wheel to 14inch.


Emoke has 5 step E-Dip Process to control the quality of paint means “E-Dip Process”is referred to as electrodeposition coating


Charging time of eMoke

eMoke required almost 6 to 8 hours to get fully charged and drive up to forty miles if you charge it with its 110 sockets,


The company claimed that it is an LSV(Low-speed vehicle ) with a top speed of 25mph so, it is perfect for the golf course or gated communities.


Wheel Braking System in EMoke

– Front Brake Type: Disc – Rear Brake Type: Drum – Parking Brake Type: Hand Brake


Color Customization options in Moke electric car: you can customize your eMoke with so many elements color of the body, pumper, grill.


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