8 SEATER WITH 700 MILES, Triton EV MODEL H SUV booking start

Triton is a US-Based electric vehicle manufacturing company, which recently revealed its plan to open a factory in India 


The Brand also said that a combination of technical skills and industry passion has allowed us to develop the best vehicle in a long-range 


Talk about the battery specification, Triton model h has 200kwh batteries. With offer drive, a record-shattering 700-mile range on a single charge. 


We will mention the color available in Triton model h SUV in the table if you have any queries related to this go to tritonev. 


IT has a 130m wheelbase with up to 700miles of range, has a capacity of 15,400lbs and battery capacity is 200kwh 


– WARRANTY: 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first (starting from your delivery date)


Triton to sign MOU with Gujarat government to set up a plant of 10,000 crores to establish commercial EV plant in Kutch-Bhuj, Gujarat. 

Charging point- It is also a USA based charging network compnay ( $1.3B) charging network company-: 1. Smart Charging Stations

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