80km range, pune startup launch Indias 1st hybrid e-scooter 

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This EV conversion kit convert almost all petrol scooter into hybrid scooter: no need to buy a new scooter!

Highlights of Elespa EV hybrid kit

– 80km range on a single charge. – 60kmph top speed. – 3 modes - ev, HEV, petrol.

Charging time:  4hours to charge from 0-100% Battery : 1.5Kwh lithium-ion Ferro phosphate battery      


Motor: Elespa EV uses a BLDC hub motor mounted on the 10-inch of the rear wheel, which generates 1.44KW of nominal power and 3.5Kw of peak power 

Elespa kit price is about 60,000 indian rupees

Price Elespa hybrid kit

IMPORTANT: As this experiment is done with TVS Jupiter 110, the Jupiter scooter has 33 litres of boot space where the battery is fitted with an MSB switch to enable electric mode 

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