Aston Martin company focus on hybrid and electric cars from 2026.


Saturday,4 February 2022

Aston Martin company focus on hybrid and Ev.

Aston Martin is a British carmaker company that is planning to sell only electric or hybrid cars by 2026 and phase out pure combustion engines by then.

The company said that “By 2026 we will be fully electrified Aston Martin boss Lawerence Stroll told the Financial Times

Chairman, Lawerence also told that the number of rivals, including Lamborgini and Bentley, these company also reveal their vision of green future

we are growing slowly to the fully electric vehicle, but In the future, we will offer electric and hybrid cars by 2026.

The company states that in 2025 the first-all-electric Aston Martin cars are expected to hit the market.

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