Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is now Available for purchase in New Delhi, Mumbai, and 18 other Indian Cities.

DYNABEAST 19 february,2022

– Bajaj company is started open the booking of chetak in 8 cities and the company also announced that in the first six weeks the booking of chetak is started in additional 12 cities.

– Bajaj company had selected major cities out of 20 such as Mumbai, Goa, and new Delhi after that they will expand selling EVs in all 20cities.

Bajaj chetak electric scooter will be completely manufactured in India and the chetak has a peak power of 4.2kw of motor which is cable to produce 4.0kw of output

Let us talk about the features of the Bajaj chetak, it comes with an IP67 electric motor that is capable to generate a power of 4.08kw and continues out of 3.8kw,

it has 3kwh of a lithium-ion battery pack with a detachable system as the policy of the government(battery-swapping station).

As the Bajaj company claimed a top speed of 70kmph and also has drive mode such as eco mode, sports model.

Q: Who is the CEO of Bajaj company? Ans: Rajiv Bajaj is the Ceo of Bajaj company. Q: What is the price of the Bajaj Chetak ? Ans: The price of the Chetak is around 1 lakh(ex-showroom).

Q: What is the motor power of chetak? Ans: It has the power of 8050w.

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