US School Bus Maker Blue Bird gets order for 30 electric school buses : on tuesday

DYNABEAST 30 march,2022

Blue Bird US school bus maker company receives the largest single order of electric school Buses in its history. 

BLBD, Blue Bird Corporation is an American manufacturer, the leader in electric buses , US Electric school bus

BLBD has received the largest order of electric school buses from a school district in its history.

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The order enables the school district to rapidly convert nearly 50% of its diesel-powered bus fleet to clean energy 

the moderate city school will reduce harmful greenhouses gas emissions by improving community health 

Blue Bird customers report that fuel costs of up to 49 cents per mile by using diesel-powered buses but compare to the average of 14cents per mile for electric buses. 

Q:What is the stock price of blue bird? Ans: The current stock price of BLBD is 19.67 USD  to know more visit

Q: Who is the ceo of blue bird electric school bus maker? Ans:  ceo of blue bird electric bus is Phil Horlock.