BMW no longer builds combustion engines in Germany

In November 2020, BMW made a significant announcement regarding the relocation of combustion engine production.

The manufacturing of combustion engines has been entirely moved to Steyr, Austria, and Hams Hall, UK.

The historic Munich plant, after 60 years of engine production, marked a turning point for Bayerische Motorenwerke in November 2023.

The final assembly of the eight-cylinder engine occurred at the Munich plant in November 2023.

Following the relocation, the Munich plant is undergoing a transformation to focus on Electric Vehicle (EV) production.

1. The all-electric BMW i4 has been produced in Munich since October 2021. 2. Starting from 2026, the main plant in Munich will also roll out the New Class (Neue Klasse) vehicles.

To facilitate the shift towards EVs, BMW is investing approximately 400 million euros to convert the existing engine assembly line for vehicle construction.

The Works Council described it as a "role model for a successfully organized transformation in German industry."

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