Boston will move to electrifying school buses by 2030 announced Mayor Michelle -detail check it out now

DYNABEAST 14 April 2022

On 6 April Mayor Michelle Wv announced that we move towards electrifying the vehicle fleet as part of a green New Deal for Boston. 

Boston will deploy 20 electric buses during the 2022-2023 school year and will be launching electric school buses pilot program. 

BPS(Boston Public Schools) currently has 739 electric school buses, they build up 11 percent of city municipal emissions.  more...

The city of Boston’s environment department is to reduce emissions by electrifying the school buses fleet by 2030. 

Mayur Wv also recommitted to zero-emission Boston green jobs by launching the electric vehicle as a “train and trainer ” program 

Longer-term, BPS will work to replace additional big buses each year, and then move to replace smaller buses until the entire fleet is electrified visit. 

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