BYD has to disclose a unique look Type A electric bus that is capable of carrying heavyweight ( 30 students at a time)

The new zero-emission bus is capable to carry 800lbs and has 255km of the range which is 140 miles and vehicle-to-grid-capability.

BYD is a Chinese automaker-based company situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong province They sell vehicles under the BYD band

BYD was the Second-Largest manufacturer of BEVs with have a record of producing 320,000 units in china.

In TYPE D is an electric Buses which is larger and have more carrying capacity compared to the BYD Type A electric buses

.BYD’s combination of top-notch safety features, innovative design, and reliable performance makes this practical and highly affordable ZERO-emission Safety.

QWho is the founder of BYD company? Ans: Wang Chuan Fu is the founder of BYD Company. for more detail visit

Q: Is BYD TYPE A Electric Bus available in India? Ans: In the future BYD TYPE A Electric Bus available in India

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