chevy to launch 3 most awaited electric cars coming soon 

Chevrolet to launch three most awaited electric cars with a familiar nameplates


chevy blazer EV will launch with different versions and high-end 55t hp of horsepower.


2024 chevy Silverado EV is an electric pickup

Chevrolet has ramped up its production  variants in 2023 and with 664hp of horsepower RST.


Chevy Equinox EV will be expected to be revealed in early 2023 with a limited edition, with starting price of $30,000


2023 Hyundai ioniq 6 800volts E-architecture 320hp 446-pound fleet first, it arrives in us market


it is also expected that the BMW i7 has two motors that will generate  max 536hp of horsepower and 549 p-f of torque and will cover 300 miles in a single right.

BMW i7


Its starting price is $120,295

BMW i7


Triton to sign MOU with Gujarat government to set up a plant of 10,000 crores to establish commercial EV plant in Kutch-Bhuj, Gujarat. 

Charging point- It is also a USA based charging network compnay ( $1.3B) charging network company-: 1. Smart Charging Stations

Tesla adds 40 V3 superchargers stations in china mainland

Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employee