Delhi govt. start replacing its old diesel and petrol vehicles with electric cars

DYNABEAST 21 february,2022

The government announced this month start that the registration process for converting old vehicles with the electric kit.

Several SUVs and Sedans cars used by minster and government servants during the congress regains in New Delhi have been replaced

the registration number of VIP vehicles are being reserved, the car being auctioned to tradespeople.

In Delhi. there are around 1 crore vehicles while the vehicles that had crossed their age was 35lakh.

In February, after the electric vehicle policy was released, various departments and autonomous bodies of the government have started converting old petrol and diesel with electric ones

The General Administration (GAD) has recently procured 12 electric vehicles to be used by the minister and govt. servant of the Delhi government.

Senior GAD officer, Said, “We have also started the process to identify and send such vehicles that have completed their lifespan for scrapping”.

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