Electric Vehicle BYD E6 Drive First Impressions with 500+ Km Range on a single charge with the awesome infotainment system.

BYD officially launched its all-new electric car BYD e6 MPV minivan in the Indian marketplace at the starting price of Rs. 29.60Lakh

the price may vary in upcoming years also if you don’t need 7kw of charger then you only pay Rs. 29.15 lakh for cars instead of Rs 29.60.

BYD(Build Your Dream) Auto Ltd. is the automobile subsidiary of the publicity-listed Chinese multinational manufacturer

BYD e6 electric minivan is only available in the megacities such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada more...

BYD(Build Your Dream) e6 MPV is dedicatedly based on pure electric cars, the company also said that e6 is basically for commercial use, fleet operator, and government agents.

Talking about its exterior design it is equipped with an LED headlamp and taillight, but it does not have a 360-degree camera while Toyota Innova Crysta has

BYD e6 has a capacity of 5 passenger seats while Toyota offers 0,7 seat capacity in its Crysta which is adjustable or foldable but e6 seats are not foldable.

Highlights of BYD e6 Electric Minivan

– BYD premium e6 has a LED headlamp, large DRLs LED lights and taillights. – Byd provides an Ashychronous(Brushless) type of motor.

– It has a maximum capacity of 5 passenger – It is basically suitable for fleet operator B2B segment. – It required 2h to get fully charged. About the BYD Company

Warranty In BYD e6

In BYD e6 you will get a standard warranty of 3 years at 1.25 lakh Kms and 8 years warranty 15Lakh Kms for battery warranty

Safety features in BYD e6

BYD offers 4 Airbags in e6 with hydraulic braking assist and bosch intelligent braking control and traction control

Motor: BYD e6 comes with a permanent synchronous motor that is able to generate 70kw with peak torque of 180Nm

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