Ford trails a hands-free EV charger prototype

Ford trails a hands-free EV charger prototype that enables drivers to control or monitor EV charging through smartphones.

As a part of a research project to design a hands-free charging station for electric vehicles and fully automatic charging for autonomous vehicles.

Ford has almost completed its testing phase and now, they planning a launch for the real-world trials.

Ford announced that these robotic hands-free chargers are specially designed to help disabled drivers

also drivers to stay in the car while charging or leave the car while the robot completes its work, also giving the facility to monitor EV charging status through FordPassApp.

The Process of Robotics hands-free charging is fully automated, with no minimal or no driver involvement,

As the automaker states, the company has almost completed its testing stage, now they deploy for real-world trials.

the upcoming years, robotics hands-free chargers should be set up in various parking Plots, public parking plots as well as homes also for disabled drivers.

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