foundation series cybertruck spotted in camarillo

Tesla store in Camarillo now has a Foundation Series Cybertruck on display

Go check it out, 311 E Daily Drive, Camarillo

tesla is recalling around 2 million vehicles due to Autopilot system fault, national highway traffic safety administration(NHTSA) highlights this report

The Autopilot issue pertains to the Autosteer feature, with concerns about insufficient safety checks leading to potential driver inattention and an elevated collision risk.

This recall is follow 2 year of investigation by NHTSA , started in year 2021, focus on the incident and accident , and Autopilot feature come in Tesla

On X Esther posted this video which shows two people unwrapping an upgraded Tesla Model 3, this is only an unboxing video

As per the Roland post, Hungary reported 73 @Tesla sales and 0.8% market share for September.

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