FSD 11.3.6 first impressions

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Tesla rolls out Tesla FSD Beta 11.3.6 in Software Version 2022.45.15, some tesla employees get beta testing mule

some people also share on Twitter such as @Winnersechelon. & aware people of the upcoming beta test of FSD. 

Chuck Cook also tested #FSDBeta v 11.3.6 in Memorial Park First Impressions – In The Rain. 

Improved behavior for path blockage lane changes in dense traffic. 

Improved handling during scenarios with high curvature or large trucks by offsetting in lane to maintain safe distances to other vehicles on the road and increase comfort. 

Improved the position of ego in wide lanes, by biasing in the direction of the upcoming turn to allow other cars to maneuver around ego. 

FSD 11.3.6 first impressions

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