1st Look: 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70

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Genesis confirms Electric GV70, Price, Assembled in the USA, not in South Korea

Genesis North American company announced its first-ever electric car GV70 

this is the only e-car that will be assembled in the USA, not in North America 

today, the brand also said all-electric vehicles will be in 2025 and that its entire vehicle lineup will be by 2030 

this GV70 is the third architecture of its sibling GV60 electric SUV and Electrief GV80 full sedan which was launched last year. 

GV70, it is a full-size electric SUV based on the award-winning GV70 platform 

come to its interior you will get 12.3 inches instrumental cluster, navigation system, Wireless Device Charger  and 20+ features

Better than EV80 due to bigger battery Pack and performance

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