Harley-Davidson Spin Out Serial 1 Launches Second Generation CTY Electric Bike in Google Cloud PartnerShip  - complete detail

DYNABEAST      19 May 2022

Harley Davidson, INC., H-D Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer, under the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Founder Of Harley 

Harley Davidson American-based motorcycle company has unveiled a stunning new electric bike serial 1, second-generation/CTY, this time touting a new partnership with google cloud 

There are some features that Harley offered such as google cloud connectivity that is used to capture the ride data and improve some security & safety features to safe their eBicycle

Features that addon in Serial 1 second-generation eBicycle, Google cloud Connectivity for capturing real-time ride data, and also google map to track or navigate the ride

The brand also touts the app’s connection to the bike while simultaneously taking a dig at other e-bike apps. Serial 1 explained that “most e-bike apps communicate solely via wireless more...

The rider can able to use google connectivity features to locate their e-bikes on ma for security purposes,  

H-D offers ride information such as speed, trip time, range, distance, EV and rider power output efficiency and the battery charge percentage.

The company said in the press, that the only physical changes to the bike is that a USB-C cable is included under the handlebar stem to charge your phone

Almost all hardware is expected to be the same, including a brose mid-drive motor automatic shifting CVT and carbon belt drive. 

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