Honda officially Launch its EV Model E: NS1 in china and get a sale with starting price of $26,700

DYNABEAST 28 April 2022

Honda Motor is japan based multinational conglomerate manufacturer has officially launched its first EV model in china marker on Tuesday. 

Honda E: NS1 gets massive sales in its first electric vehicle in china marketplace, as Japanese carmaker normally lag behind in the wave 

but now Honda give more effort in its first EV variant and they get sales started price of $26,700. for further info visit our site.

Honda reveal its first EV variant last year, in October 2021, in japan in a virtual press conference. 

At the conference, Honda announced its new environmental and safety initiative for its EV model  more...

Honda E: NS1 describes that E stands for electric or energize and N stands for new and New according to the carmaker. 

Dongfeng Honda is a Joint venture between Honda and Dongfeng Motor, they are planning to launch four electric vehicles 

The Honda E: NS1 com with signal motors with a maximum power of 150KW and peak torque of 310Nm. 

Let us talk about the dimensions of the E: NS1 electric SUV, it has a height of 1560mm, a width of 1790mm, length of 4390mm  More...

We discuss complete Honda ENS1 review in detail if you want to know more visit out EV platform (India's 1st. electric vehicle platform)