Kia Ev6 beats Tesla Model 3 & Nissan Leaf To Become World Most Reliable EV

1000 customer gave their opinion on electric vehicle issues that they faced in its EV. 

The survey is to spot 2022 most reliable electric vehicle, almost ev customer recommends the three best most ev like Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, and Kia EV6 

CR also said that we may not sure but if the KIA touch has proven record of tesla model 3 then Kia EV6 new generation electric will become the world first reliable ev.

As per the thousand of customer feedback, CR mentions that customer-facing major issues like breakdowns & malfunctions 

The report clearly defines that the Tesla Model 3 got second position & Nissan’s Third position in terms of reliable e-vehicles

KIA ev6 becomes the first if it touches the proven data.

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