Maruti and Toyota aim to knock out their competitors with EV skateboards, batteries.

DYNABEAST 14 february,2022

Maruti and Toyota’s competitors work on converting ICE cars into EVs (electric vehicles but Maruti and Toyota are working on electric vehicles platform that will use “State-of-the-arts” .

As electric vehicles are increasing in India day by day, Maruti and Toyota are also working on the EV platforms

the aim of both companies is to build mid-size electric SUVs and to be launched around 2025. as the company is focus on ev

All the EV companies based on State-of-the-arts have born electric platforms in co-develop by a consortium of 7 Japanese automaker manufactures company.

electric Skateboards is also knowns as codename:40PL, which is capable of spawning vehicles in multiple EV segments with different body styles.

Q: Who is the CEO of the Maruti Company? Ans: Kenichi Ayukawa is the CEO of the Maruti Company. Q: Who is the CEO of the Toyota Company? Ans: Akio Toyoda is the CEO of the Toyota Company.

Q: What will be the starting price of Toyota electric car? Ans: According to the official news the price is around $37,000.

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