MG Astor Electric Car – Specification, Price and Safety Features, and Range  - In detail check it out now

DYNABEAST 10 April 2022

MG Astor Electric Car – Specification, Price and Safety Features, and Range, also upcoming Ev features that you will see in the future. 

MG is day by day in the field of either electric or IC vehicles in European MarketPlace with the aim to grab users for future EV plans.

Mg has revealed a new ZS EV facelift and updated the battery pack of ZS, last month, upcoming change are in battery

MG Motors also planning to hit the UK showroom this year by November and set a target to make electrifying ital ZS variants very soon.

MG Astor is based on i smart next-generation technology that combines hardware, software, services.

Mg Astor comes with 25.7 cm (10.1″) HD Touchscreen Infotainment that helps you view on camera clearly while taking the reverse  or many more...

In MG Astor you will get four major colors 1. FERRIS WHITE 2. SABLE BLACK 3. ASHEN SILVER 4. CURRANT RED

Q:Is MG Astor available in electric?  Ans: MG Astor available in India very soon but the MG not specify date of launching.

Q: What is the price of MG Astor electric? Ans: MG Astor electric, carmaker expect that its price starting from Rs.9.95 lakh upyo to 17.6lakh

Q What is the Mileage of MG astor? Ans:It gives mileage in the city 12-13.5kmpl and on highways 16 to 18kmpl

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