MG is to showcase its 2 electric cars at Auto Expo 2023 in india

MG is to showcase its 2 electric cars at Auto Expo 2023, both electric cars will be based on SAIC scalable platform.

There are two cars that mg launch at Auto Expo 2023: 1. MG AIR EV 2. MG 4 EV

 MG AIR EV cheapest electric car ever in India, MG AIR EV is a mini electric vehicle consisting of two-door, using a funky design element,

delivers 300+km of range on a single charge, at an affordable price range of 10-15lakh to be launched in India soon, near to 2023

 this is basically suitable for short routes like intracity, first, it was unveiled in Indonesia at an EV expo by Wulling Motor

MG 4 EV company offers two battery pack options 51kw battery united that generates 168bhp and 64KW which generate power output 200BHP.

MG 4 also supports 150kw DC fast charging that charged up 10-80% in only 35 min & 39 min,7KWH AC charging that requires 7.5 hours to 9 hours to get charged from 0-100%.

The lowest safety rating of mg4 got 75% in a vulnerable road test, which got 40.6 points out of 54

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