Nissan plan “iconic” electric or hybrid Sports car said Nismo CEO

Open Hands

Nissan’s Ceo announced that Nissan will dedicatedly focus on hybrid and electric vehicles due to Nissan facing many ups and down this year.

Recently Nissan launches its most inspiring electric vehicle Ariya which is a full-size electric car and also planning to launch other electrified models like a future leaf. 

Nissan launches its new Z a few times later, but its inspiring sports car will go away in 2023. 

Open Hands

Nissan Motorsports International, abbreviate Nismo is a division of Nissan that is responsible for developing a new Nissan electrified model for the brand. 

Takao Katagiri, Ceo of Nismo told to Autocar that Nissan will design sports cars for North America and Europe. 

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