Union Minister Nitin Gadkari rolls into parliament with a green hydrogen-powered with Toyota Mirai

DYNABEAST 31 march,2022

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari rolls in parliament with a fully hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai, Mirai is part of a pilot study in Delhi. 

On Wednesday, in New Delhi, Union minister Nitin Gadkari arrives at the parliament with “India’s future hydrogen-powered car 

“India’s future hydrogen-powered car”, Toyota Mirai which is currently being tested as part of a pilot project to push for cleaner.

The Mirai cars from Toyota motors run on hydrogen and Mirai come with a new suite of driver-assistance technology featuring advanced drive and advanced park. 

Mirai Toyota was launched in India on 16 march by Nitin Gadkari, It will become the first fuel cell electric vehicle, He revealed to become more “Atmanirbhar ‘,  

Toyota Mirai is the first  hydrogen -powered car, there are three types of hydrogen, It is green hydrogen. 

On 16 March, Nitin Gadkari had launched India’s green hydrogen-powered Toyota car and shared a video on how green hydrogen can power cars  

Q: Is Toyota Mirai available in India?  Ans: Toyota launched India's first all-hydrogen electric vehicle, Mirai, in India earlier this month

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QWhat is the toyota stock price? Ans: The current price of toyota is 2,218 JPY according to the google.

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