NVIDIA just introduced new H200 GPU for Tesla

Today, NVIDIA just introduced their new H200 GPU this help Tesla to manage Massive FSD Data.

It can handle massive amounts of data for generative AI and high performance computing workloads, such as Tesla's neural network training for FSD.

In August Tesla turned on their new 10,000 unit H100 GPU.

NVIDIA's new H200 GPU is the first to use a new, faster memory spec called HBM3e.

That brings the GPU’s memory bandwidth to 4.8 terabytes per second, up from 3.35 terabytes per second on the H100, and its total memory capacity to 141GB up from the 80GB of its predecessor.

The first H200 chips will be released in Q2 of 2024. The chips are expected to cost tens of thousands each.

As per the Roland post, Hungary reported 73 @Tesla sales and 0.8% market share for September.

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