Okaya Electric Vehicles crosses 350 dealerships within 8 months of launch(Indin-based evs company)

DYNABEAST 23 march,2022

On Wednesday, Okaya group EV arm unveiled that it has crossed the 350dealerships mark within 8 months of the launch of the first outlet in July last year 2021. 

Now, It has a network of 353 dealerships reach across 23 states and two union territories. according to the official news.

Recently, the okaya group also reveals its 350th retail store began at Varanasi. 

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Okaya is well on its track to meet its commitment of reaching 1,001 showrooms across India according to the report.

Okaya is an Indian based which carries a variety of businesses like manufacturing, designing, selling, importing, and dealing with all types of batteries. 

Q: Is okaya ev scooty available in india? Ans: Yes, Okaya has 7 models available in India.

1.Freedum LA  2.ClassIQ 100+  more...

Q: Who is the owner of Okaya Electric Scooter? Ans:  Anil Gupta, Managing Director, Okaya Power Group

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