Polestar is a Swedish automotive brand, the pure-play electric car brand has announced that it will reveal its first-ever Super Bowl ad .

the company has teased the spot with a 15-second snapshot that will help audience to know more about what ad will have features and what features that ad will not have.

This is the first time that Polestar company advertise in the journey of an automaker.now popular in electric vehicles.

Polestar company is growing popular in the area of the electric vehicle, launched in 2017when a new co-owned by Volvo cars partnership and Geely holding.

Polestar becomes popular in two electric vehicle models such as PHEV polestar 1 and the all-electric Polestar 2

the company also working on the other electric models and trying to launch their electric vehicle as soon as possible

In 15-second of the international event, the company has described the EV features and give a hint of the minimalist approach of EV that has defined the brand.

According to the report, Polestar’s progress is growing frequently in the last passing year, In 2022 the company had delivered 29,000 vehicle sales globally 2021.

Last year, Polestar company said that their upcoming electric vehicles come in the next three years.

Polestar is on the mission of EV and looking to build a wide audience for its brand and upcoming Polestar 2 fastback electric car.

Talking about the price of Polestar 1 model electric model-The of Polestar 1 is around CA$197,000. according to the official website of Polestar.

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