Porsche buys another e-bike company showing how serious they are about the electric vehicles.

DYNABEAST 13 february,2022

Porsche is a German-based automaker manufacturing company, knowns for its high-performance sports cars and SUV, headquarter situated in Stuttgart, Germany.

The company is decided to increase the scalability of their business in the electric vehicle era, has bought another e-bike company.

Fazua company has to develop the drive system to feel natural and seamlessly integrate with the Riding style.

Porsche automaker company already join the era of the electric vehicle in 2020.Talking about today’s news of Porsche, Fazua has got a new owner: Porsche.

As the announcement Porsche initially purchase 20% of the ownership of the company and the company main focus on ev.

“The first joint venture is to develop, manufacture and distribute a future generation of high-quality Porsche e-bikes. The second company will focus on technological solutions".

Q: What is the starting price of Porsche vehicle in India? Ans: The Starting price of a Porsche vehicle is around Rs 83.21 Lakh according to the carwale.

Q: What is the share market price of Porsche? Ans: Today it has 87.84 EUR for further detail visit.

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