Prana (SVM) Electric Sports Bike rolls out in India | Can Prana beat ultraviolette f77 

Prana Electric Sports Bike rolls out in India with its three variants and getting popular in the two-wheeler electric marketplace. 

Prana is India’s First best performance electric sports bike company established in 2021, SVM stands for “Srivaru Motors“, It is in Coimbatore-based Indian start-up company 

the goal of Srivaru motors is to develop, and design the best riding electric bike with zero-emission. 

Features of Prana Electric sports Bike

1. Prana has Four(4) Driving Modes, three(3) for forward drive and one(1) for reverse drive.

1. Drive-Assist: It helps customers in order to automated parking aid that helps drivers park. with great precision

Prana uses BLDC(Brushless DC Motors) motor, and has an intelligent air-cooler controller with an operating voltage of 42-72V DC More...

Battery Capacity in Prana electric sports Bike:

Prana comes with a 72V LFP(Lithium iron phosphate battery) which has a capacity of 4.32 to 7.2kw with an AC charging  

Prana covers a range of 126km to 225km on a single charge which is comparatively better than other electric bikes  

Colors in prana electric sports Bike:

Prana has basically 4 Colors:  1. Perfect  2. WhitePassionate 3.RedProgressive 4.GreenMystery Black 

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