Pure EV Introduces its Electric Bike Etryst 350 - complete specification with actual parameter on our site.

DYNABEAST     4 May 2022

Pure EV introduces its all-new electric Motorcycle Etryst 350 under the brand “Pure EV” which is dedicatedly based  

The company has a target to enable the transition to a sustainable energy source and has developed strong expertise in lithium battery technology. 

Pure EV is India’s two-wheeler, electric scooter, and electric motorcycle manufacturer under the brand name “Pure EV

The company management team has remarkable experience in the academic and the energy industry. 

The “Pure EV” is dedicatedly based on the EV platform and battery manufacturing unit over 1 Lakh Sqrt  more...

The Etryst 350 is an electric bike dedicatedly based on an EV platform with a high-performance battery that will cover 140km in a single charge 

The Etryst 350 Motor has a peak power of 4.0KW with BLDC Hub Motor which enhances Etryst performance while riding a bike in the city area. 

As I above told you that Pure EV has expertise in high-performance batteries, Etryst uses a lithium-Ion battery of 3.5KWH with NMC chemistry  

Let us talk about the Etryst 350 charging power and time – Etryst 350 required 6 Hours to get fully charged with 84V of cc-cv portable Pure EV Socket. 

We discuss complete Pure EV  Etryst 350   review in detail if you want to know more visit out EV platform (India's 1st. electric vehicle platform)