RV400 officially launched in India at the price of Rs. 1,02,981 

Revolt Motors is India’s first Ai-enabled motorcycle without compromising on the performance or aesthetics of regular ride and revolt is Indian originated a brand. 

Revolt is a New Delhi-based electric two-wheeler startup founded by Rahul Sharma, co-founder of a Micro-max company. 

Revolt Motors is India’s startup company, that has officially launched its RV300 and RV400 electric bikes in mega cities

Highlights of Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

1. – Revolt RV400 has three colors Rabel red, mist grey, and conic black.

2.– Security features: Secure your revolt vehicle with ECO-Fence using MyRevolt Application. more next-->

3.The batteries got certified as waterproof, danger proof, shockproof and all-weather proofing, and user-friendly based on ARAI Standard more...

Why Revolt RV400 is different from Other Electric Bike?

The reason “why revolt RV400 is different from other electric bikes” is that RV400 has the highest ground clearance of 215mm from the road.

In this We also share some the best video you can refer:

1. VLOGGER VILLAIN GUPTA  2. Technical SHT  3.Bike Point By Mintu&Rahul Bike Point By Mintu&Rahul


In RV400 you will get MRF Zapper Tyres which gives amazing “tread” which means grip. In front, you get (90/80-17) and in the rear, you will get (120/80-17) tires 

Drive Modes in Revolt RV400 Electric Bike:

There are three drive modes in Revolt RV400: 1. ECO Mode 2. Normal Mode 3. Sports Mode range and speed is on website to know more visit our EV plaform...

Q: Who is the CEO and Founder of Revolt Motors? Ans:  Rahul Sharma and CEO of Revolt Motors. 

Battery Warranty Offered by Revolt Motor: Revolt provides a user 6 years warranty with 100,000kms for battery and 2years warranty for a battery charger. 

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