(RIVN)Rivian startup produced 9,395 EVs in the quarter Q1

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Today Rivian(RIVN) startup shares its quarter 1 result, in Q1 Rrivian produced 9,395 electric vehicles remaining EVs are on track to achieve the 50,000 targets by 2023. 

Let’s discuss what CEO said but its goal, was last year RJ Scaringe announces produce 50,000 EVs annually 

But this year’s target is double last year which is quite difficult to hit 50,000 EVs yearly but not impossible if Rivian produces 10K EVs in all quarters will hit the target goal 

Last year Rivian target was to produce 25,000 EVs but it slightly missed its goal & produce 24,337, with only 663 EVs reaming to hit its goal.  

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