Rock says he’s never heard of Tesla’s Cybertruck.

The Rock inquired Joe Rogan about his favorite car, and Joe expressed a fondness for his Tesla.

– The Rock, unaware of Tesla's SUV and Cybertruck, sought information about Tesla's pickup trucks. –

Joe enthusiastically shared details about the upcoming Cybertruck, emphasizing its futuristic design and bulletproof features.

Joe disclosed the Cybertruck's ability to withstand a 45 slug and being constructed entirely of steel.

Discussion shifted to a leaked Tesla Cybertruck range, with Joe emphasizing its coolness factor and comparing it to a cyber spaceship.

Joe mentioned his role in crafting the tip of a SpaceX rocket, drawing parallels with Space Balls.

The Rock, curious about the Cybertruck's cost, learned about its three versions, including a high-performance Beast Mode variant.

As per the Roland post, Hungary reported 73 @Tesla sales and 0.8% market share for September.

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