Wednesday,2 February 2022

Skoda Enyag Coupe iV model is a stylized version of the existing Enyag SUV and uses the same Volkswagen Group MED platform 

Skoda Enyag Coupe iV is an SUV coupe version of the standard Enyag electric SUV, and also the Skoda version of Volkswagen ID.5


Skoda iv model interior and powertrain are similar to the standard Enyag .

It has an output power of 295hp with twin motor configurations.

Key Points

Skoda Enyag coupe iv is a completed electric Suv

comes with a five-seater EV that has made its debut along with their RS Sports variant

Key Points

Skoda Enyag Coupe iV model comes with 82kwh of the battery pack which covers a range of 545km.From Source.

Key Points

Skoda iV model has a peak torque of 460Nm, which matches Volkswagen flagship Ev.

Come to the Torue of iv Model


Enyag is more aerodynamical, However, at the cost of boot space & headroom.

Skoda Enyag has LED taillights with a porthole


Skoda Enyag Coupe iV is a fully electric vehicle and has a variety of features available in the iV model and has the capability to become the best electric car.


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