Super73 introduces a new concept C1X electric motorcycle

super 73 introduce a new prototype of its electric bike “C1X” it is dedicated and based on an electric platform 


but now we only have a chance to look c1x mock-up eye-catching design, its specs will disclose soon after its testing phase completed


Feature 1: In C1X you will get amazing seat height- 31 inches from pavement(road) which is suitable for off-riding purposes. 


In C1X you get 15 inches of disc brakes at both the ends front and rear with sporty look Bridgestone Batlax scooter SC2 tires which give a C1X dirt bike view.


SPECS - company dropped some specs hints top speed 120km/h curb weight 136kg


it has 160km plus range on a single ride the company didn't mention the battery capacity


the bike has a 15inch wheel with a minimum 31" seat height and get an 80% charge in less than an hour


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