Tesla Autonomous LawnMower to help the company to improve its Driving Algorithm, It is a Home-based concept. 

DYNABEAST      10 May 2022

Tesla introduced an autonomous LawnMower to help the company to improve its driving algorithm, Industrial designer Prokop Strnka is an expert in the skill of concept, environment, and sketching  

Prokop observe that tesla continuously invests in home-based products like solar panels and battery that why he approaches Elon musk about the concept, musk agreed with this .

Let me clear to you that we are talking about the person who sold surfboards and Flamethrower to side-hustle money  

Tesla G’s concept is basically outdoors Lawn trimming Roomba. It runs an autonomous drive in line around the garden trimming the grass. 

Tesla’s autopilot algorithm actively scans and senses its environment to ensure clean tall grass cutting more...

Sensor Mover can detect easily the difference between plant and grass and can easily map out your Lawn so the mover 

Mover runs on a battery that is powered by solar energy, it uses a sharp blade built from tesla Cybertruck bulletproof alloy and uses a tesla autopilot algorithm more...

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