Tesla built the “1st Cybertruck” At Giga Texa

Tesla built the “1st Cybertruck” At Giga Texa

Tesla said on Twitter that it has built the 1st Cybertruck at the Gigafactory in Texas. Is this pickup truck ahead of launching?


Tesla officially posted on social media (Twitter) that Tesla Cybertruck production will start this summe 


Tesla planning to throw a delivery event by the end of Q3 earnings, which is expected around September 2023. 

Electrek also reported that Tesla officially told all suppliers to get ready for the Cybertruck released candidates in late August


On Twitter Tesla shared a Pic with First Bulit Cybertruck in Giga Texas, you can view the below image. 


It expects Tesla sooner to start deliveries of the Cybertruck, finally, we get all specifications of the pickup truck also pricing so that we can compare both Cybertruck and the f150. 

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